Taking your course to the next level.

We invest heavily in people and processes.

Our training techniques develop true industry leaders who share our vision… work as a team to achieve concise, attainable goals… rise to meet challenges… and capitalize on new opportunities. Leveraging a well-trained staff with our buying power, other cost-saving measures and proven operational procedures means that course owners and/or members of equity clubs reap the benefits they expect and deserve.

TODD BARRANGER – Managing Partner

Margins & profitability are directly linked to quality, service & bold management.

We’re not shy about doing what it takes to offer exceptional quality in our menu selection and food service… to find, train, motivate and continually develop quality culinary professionals who provide consistent, customer-centric service… and to focus on profitable operational management through creative culinary development, efficient workflow and effective inventory, labor and cost controls.

BOB CRANE – Director of Food & Beverage

The shape of your course dramatically affects the shape of your business.

We start by cleansing the soil as preparation for a step-by-step process of building healthy soil… roots… grass… and plants to significantly reduce water usage, minimize dependence on chemicals and create a healthy, sustainable golf course environment.

RON MAHAFFEY – Director of Agronomy

We’ll leverage transparent, goal-minded accounting for your success.

We develop achievable budgets with a keen eye on managing expenses, growing margins and improving revenues, all facilitated through dynamic, transparent communication with the management team while keeping goals and the P&L front and center.

JON TAYLOR – Assistant General Manager

We know the value of building relationships.

Each golf property has its own identity… its own personality… and its own customer expectations. We start by listening to and learning from customers and staff to create a foundation on which to build solid relationships and trust, developing course-specific values and culture along the way, with a solid focus on staff training and customer service.

MIKE DIXON – Director of Golf

We develop golf programs that grow engagement and love for the game.

We believe it’s important to identify needs as well as opportunities as the first step in creating sequentially-enriching teaching programs that develop and enhance one’s skills, confidence and love for the game of golf. We also focus on improving the professional skills and knowledge needed by pro shop and maintenance staff to grow their careers.

NICK FINKEL – 1st Assistant Golf Professional

A dynamic ladies’ golf program will positively affect your bottom line.

We’re keenly aware of the profitability inherent in developing a strong ladies’ golf program. We know what women want… how to develop the culture needed to initiate, grow and sustain participation… and how to seamlessly integrate ladies’ golf into the overall golf program.

LISA BOLAM – Assistant Golf Professional

Count on our hands-on commitment to your success

Unlike many management teams, we fully understand that positive results are directly related to our onsite, hands-on involvement. We’re committed to “rolling up our sleeves” to leverage our incomparable combination of knowledge, expertise and sweat equity for your success.


We know marketing matters.

We believe marketing begins at the core of your business with the simple things, such as how guests are greeted and how staff members dress, and it extends to course and facility conditions, program development, onsite communication, outbound advertising and, most importantly, word of mouth. You’ll find our years of marketing expertise will prove invaluable in growing your reputation and customer base.

JANINE SJOSTROM – Marketing Director